Drainlaying Services

B Stone Plumbing can take care of all of your drainage needs, from the repair and renewal of blocked drains, to the complete design of drainage systems. We clear or repair all inside and outside drain pipes, sinks, toilets, showers, laundries, sewer & storm water. No job is too big or too small for our qualified drainlaying staff.

Blocked Drains

If you are having trouble with your drains our team of drainlayers will be able to provide effective unblocking of your drains and pipes. Whether it's inside drains such as toilets, kitchen sinks, showers and laundry tubs or outside drains such as gully traps, down pipes, waste pipes, sewerage or storm water. Storm Water problems in particular, can cause serious damage to a property. We can maintain, repair and install storm water drains to aleviate this. Our qualified staff has the equipment to get the job done. It will take us just a couple of minutes to look over your particular problem and figure out the optimum solution. Once we have discussed our remedy for the problem with you we'll quickly move onto the job. Often the unblocking process can take very little time, which means that very quickly this inconvenience will be taken care of.

Drainage Systems

Our team of registered drainlayers can carry out a full scope of work, from small one off repairs to installation of complete new drainage systems for new houses and renovations. We are specialists in providing drainage for new subdivisions, rural drainage and remote site work.

Septic Tanks

We can supply and install septic tanks. Our team of professionals can handle all aspects of installation and are ready to help you find the best effluent disposal solution for your needs. We are experienced in installing septic tanks on rural properties with water collection and treatment systems. We can also supply and install water pressure pumps to give you a constant and reliable water supply.

Site Excavation

Our 1.5 tonne digger is an extra service B Stone Plumbing can provide. The digger makes the digging of trenches easy for your drainage needs and has an attachment for rock breaking and hole boring. The digger also makes short work of concrete breaking when clearing sites and also comes in handy when clearing sites of rubbish. The digger is adept at laying driveways and paths, excavation and landscaping. Great for digging small foundations, footings and general trench work on the building site.