Gasfitting Services

B Stone Plumbing can supply and install gas appliances, heating systems, hot water systems, fire places, heaters, hobs, ovens, hot water heaters and storage or continual flow systems. We can help you with all of your gasfitting requirements, installation of new pipework or connecting to existing pipework.


Gas heating can keep your home warm and cosy even on the coldest of winter nights. B Stone Plumbing can advise on and install a wide range of models and styles of gas heaters, including full central heating systems that warm the whole house, flame effect fires that provide the ambience of a real fire without the hassle and a range of space heaters to suit every room in your house. No wood to chop or hearth to clean out and no odour or fumes.

Flued Heaters

Flued Heaters heat the whole room with just a flick of a switch. We can determine which heater will be best for you based on factors such as the structure of the building, insulation within the building, size of windows and the type of glazing and exposure of the building to climate conditions. Unflued gas heaters emit water vapour, nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide directly into your home. This can make your house damp and adversely affect your health if there isn't enough fresh air ventilation. Gas heaters provide fast, convenient and easily controlled heat.


Cooking with gas provides the ultimate amount of control over your cooking. You can adjust the precise, instant temperature control on the cooktop and have the versatility of varying temperature levels inside the oven. In the commercial kitchen, gas has always been recognised for performance and economy. B Stone Plumbing can supply and install any modern gas cooking appliances as well as perform maintenance on your existing appliances.